BAHER & JAMES Law Firm maintains the good name among our clients and promotes the Firm & positive image and reputation among potential new clients by making use of the latest technologies and modern work methods we provide high-quality services to our clients; and by closely following the changes in the client & needs and requirements, we guarantee that our clients will be completely satisfied with our work. The partners offer their long and varied experience in counselling and litigation for foreign companies represented through subsidiary companies in Egypt. Furthermore, they have been providing advice to foreign trade agencies for a long period of time. This experience, both locally and abroad, gives BAHER & JAMES Law Firm a deep understanding of Law. As BAHER & JAMES Law Firm & lawyers have many years of experience in providing foreign-related high quality legal services to our clients this breadth of experience is reflected in the scope of our main practice areas Besides the lawyers, BAHER & JAMES Law Firm is assisted by a specialized staff BAHER & JAMES Law Firm can correspond with its foreign


Since 2015 BAHER & JAMES Law Firm has o¬ffered clients exceptional services and expertise in matters of Business Law, BAHER & JAMES Law Firm is an innovative, flexible law firm, focusing on delivering quick and reliable legal advisory and representation services for our Clients. And to create the innovative solutions to help and enable our clients to achieve their business goals in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Our main business core is flagging risks and formulating solutions. In order to build a reputation for an uncompromising commitment to quality and responsiveness. We tailor our services to the specific requirements of each Client and provide- comprehensive and to the point advice. We provide customized solutions that the Clients can rely on. We o¬ffer our Clients unmatched performance aligned to a competitive pricing policy, and through a network of partner legal firms in almost any international jurisdiction, we have the capability to o¬ffer reliable legal support in any cross-border transaction, however complex it may be.